FYI: Joy to the World, Calculus Help Is Here!

FYI is a weekly column dedicated to showcasing resources, topics of interest, and humour for students.

Title: Integration (Calculus) Videos “Playlist”
Author: PatrickJMT
Type of Resource: Youtube Videos

This play list covers stuff from second semester calculus. I start with antiderivatives and integration, then go on to applications of integration (areas, volumes), along with inverses (exponentials, logarithms) , polar/parametric curves, some differential equations and lots of sequences and series…


Comments: Sometimes, learning calculus is like getting hit over the head with a baseball bat. It’s hard, it’s dry, and it just plain doesn’t make any sense (especially when your prof seems more interested in the ceiling than teaching you!). Luckily, PatrickJMT, a math instructor/teacher/tutor has a wonderful series of wonderful math videos up on youtube. The link above is for integration and second term first year calculus, but he also has differentiation, multivariable calculus, and even non-calculus videos if you are interested. This is one source I myself have used exhaustively and can definitely vouch for. I remember sitting in my room madly watching the videos right before my midterms/finals and finally understanding what is going on. Whether you need to learn an entire semester’s worth of math or just need to tackle a few tough areas, these videos are definitely great places to start.


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