Exam Prep Day 4: What could you study from?

Pile of Papers

Image "College Math Papers" courtesy of Flickr User lotyloty, licensed under CC Attribution 2.0 Generic.

We are now past the preliminary planning stages and so it is time to gather all of our resources together. For a typical university course, there are usually 2 types of resources: paper and electronic. Note that by electronic, I mean resources that cannot be printed to turned into paper sources (like flash animation).

– Notes
– Powerpoints
– Handouts
– Homework/Assignments
– Quizzes/Midterms
– Textbooks
– Study Guide
– Answer Keys
– Essay Topics
– etc.

– Flash animation
– Videos
– Online study guides (e.g. Mastering Physics, My Econlab)
– etc.

For paper resources, gather everything you have together than figure out what you want to keep. For example, you’ll probably want that list of potential essay topics for that first midterm, but that hastily scribbled math assignment you turned in 3 days late is probably not all that useful (though the questions themselves may be worth keeping). File away everything you don’t need and don’t throw anything away until you finish the final exam. You can definitely keep some of your “paper” resources on your computer, but do take a minute to organize them into different folders and rename all ambiguous files (e.g. “monday notes” to “03-28-11 Notes – Diffraction Gratings”).

For electronic resources, I recommend starting a word document for each course and pasting all the links in along with a quick description. Having a central location makes organization a lot easier.

On to the next step… creating master todo lists.


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