FYI: Scaling, Scaling, Scaling…

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3 ways of scaling grades

3 ways of scaling grades

From What is the Best Way to Scale Grades?

It happens. An exam question is not clear, or more challenging than intended. The exam is marked by an over-zealous TA. Or perhaps the students haven’t studied as hard as they should have.

As a result, the students’ grades are, in some sense, too low – they do not accurately convey the students’ level of ability or understanding of the material, or are lower than grades given to comparable students with similar levels of knowledge elsewhere in the university.

So the professor scales the grades.

As May rolls around and grades start rolling out, some students are laughing their rear ends off while others are crying tears of sorrow. Ok, so that was a little dramatic. Nonetheless, your grades might have surprised you (hopefully for the better). In this case, it might be because your professor scaled the marks. But exactly how do they do it? This article by Frances Woolley, a Carleton University Economics Professor, addresses 3 ways scaling could be done and what they mean for students. Enjoy!

As it happens, I hope your grades were what you predicted or higher in Exam Prep Day 1! Have a wonderful summer!


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