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I have an RSS addiction. Unfortunately, it is not an addiction I’ll be able to quit anytime soon (Is there an RSS anonymous?) Everyday, I click to my trusty Google Reader and inhale the latest articles from websites such as Lifehacker, Hack College, Study Hacks, I will teach you to be rich, Bargainmoose, xkcd, and a dozen other more. Yes, I have rather eclectic interests (and apparently people like to hack things). Often I’ll come across articles that I think SotN readers would enjoy reading, but that I don’t have time to write indepth discussion of (like in an FYI).

Enter twitter. For the rest of this month, I will attempt to highlight one article each day from all these sources that SotN readers might find useful. They could pertain directly to university or just be interesting or fun to think about. I hope you enjoy reading them! As usual, I welcome discussion, so feel free to tweet me back with your opinions.

What are you waiting for? Check out my twitter here!


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