Welcome to 2012 (and the new site design)!

Happy New Years! Yet another year has flown by, and since contrary to popular belief, the world is unlikely to end this year, we here at SotN decided to make some site upgrades overwinter break.

So, what’s new?

New Pages:

  • Articles” – All articles on this blog organized neatly by topics. Kid in the candy store (ok, maybe that’s stretching it)?
  • Start Here!” – New to SotN? Don’t know which articles to read? Overwhelmed by the master article list? Start with this page!
  • Special Thanks” – SotN wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of many people and organizations, thank you for all your support!

Design Changes:

  • Featured Content Gallery – Yes, that fancy scrolly slideshow thinggy up there. It displays the newest and/or most popular content on this blog.
  • New logo – It perfectly showcases what SotN is about (and is darn cute too).
  • New Theme – The layout and colour scheme should make browsing easier.


Thank you for reading and supporting SotN!


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