Quickie: Tick Tock Goes the Clock

“Quickies” is a new column on SotN for short or niche tips. These topics are interesting or important enough to warrant their own post, but are too short for a full length one. If you have a “quickie” you’d like to share, contact us! Enjoy! 

I get up at 7:30 am every morning. On Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, this is reasonable as I have class at eight. However, I get up at this time on Tuesday and Thursdays even though I don’t have class until 11 am.

This is not a post about my strange sleeping habits (and how to annoy a roommate). Rather, it’s about knowing oneself. I know two things about my productivity:

  1. I feel better when I get up at the same time every day as opposed to different times on different days (regular circadian rhythm).
  2. I am much more efficient in the mornings than in the evenings and I get more work done.

This means that I study for my toughest subjects first thing in the morning, when I am fairly awake, instead of late in the afternoon or evening after long and tiring days.

You have your own rhythm. I bet that you’ve told others that you’re a “morning person” or a “night person” (or a “noon person”). Use your own (natural or enforced) rhythm to your best advantage to study or tackle other tough projects. If you’re the most awake at 12 am, study then. If you cannot sleep past 4 am, study then!

Do what works for you.



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