Have a question about SotN? See if you can find the answer on this page. Can’t find an answer? Comment on this page, shoot an e-mail to scratchesonthenotepad [at] gmail [dot] com, or tweet @ScratchesotNote 🙂

This page will be updated as questions come in.


Q: Who are you and why are you writing this blog?
A: I am a student at a large Canadian university on the west coast famous for having a library resembling Hogwarts. I started writing this blog for a couple of reasons. The first is that I felt really lost in first year. I really wasn’t mentally prepared for university, the exams were tough, and professors were so brilliant (or so nonsensical) that lectures weren’t making much sense. I really struggled, but luckily, I made it through and things started looking up after first year. However, I still found myself thinking “darn! I wish I’d have known that in first year!” in many situations. Thus I decided to write a blog to help other students learn those things that I wished I had known. As well, I find that writing this blog helps me refine my own systems, so it’s win-win.

Q: Why is this blog named “Scratches on the Notepad?”
A: The notepad theme was what inspired me to blog (as opposed to using some other avenue to reach students). It was also the first theme used by this blog. Unfortunately, it was getting clunky as the blog grew and was replaced.

Q: Do you accept user contributions? Can I guest write? Can I suggest a topic?
A: Yes! If you are interested in writing something for this blog, e-mail me a few story ideas with quick one-line descriptions of why they are important or relevant for first year students. If there is a topic you would like SotN to cover, feel free to e-mail me. It may or may not be covered, but I will definitely e-mail back a response (if I know anything about that topic).

Q: Can I volunteer? What kind of positions do you have?
A: You can definitely volunteer! Click on the “Opportunities” tab at the top to see what positions are available. I am open to new ideas, so if you would like to do something specific (that is unlisted), let me know!

Q: Why don’t you post more often?
A: I definitely wish I could post more, especially when I have ideas swimming around in my head. However, I do go to school (and work part time) or work full time at any given moment. Sometimes, there are lots of things going on and I don’t have time. As well, I occasionally suffer from a lack of inspiration and motivation. Furthermore, and perhaps importantly, I’m a tiny bit of a perfectionist and prefers to write better work in longer time than to produce half-a**ed work quickly. If you would like to see more posts, send me story ideas. Better yet, join SotN as a guest or staff writer! (Click on “Opportunities” above).


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