Special Thanks

SotN would not be possible without contribution and support of some awesome people and organizations. Thank you so, so, so much!


  • Allen Zhang (for spending numerous hours ensuring that this blog is both functional and beautiful)
  • “Batman” Jack (for always being willing to fix small yet annoying errors on this site)
  • Polly Yu (for the amazing logo)
  • William Li (for willing to be the “IT guy” when needed and the first to try any new features added to the site)


Professors and Instructors:

  • Ms. Jackie Stewart (for telling her students about this blog and working with me on a Research Approach to Learning)
  • Dr. Fok Shuen Leung and the rest of the Science One Teaching Staff (for giving me the opportunity to guest lecture about learning skills and doing well in university)





One thought on “Special Thanks

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