FYI: Tom Lehrer – “I Can’t Think Why!”

FYI is a weekly column dedicated to showcasing other resources available for students (and occasionally providing a bit of humour!).

Title: The Professor’s Song
Author: Tom Lehrer
Type of Resource: Youtube Video!

If you give me your attention I will tell you what I am,
I am a brilliant mathematician also something of a ham,
I’ve tried for numerous degrees,
In fact I won a beach,
Of course, that makes me eminently qualified to teach…

Comments: Ever had a professor whom you just can’t understand? Ever wonder how they felt? (Tom Lehrer is a musician and mathematician who writes “geeky” songs about math and science. However, you don’t have to be a science student to appreciate his sentiments in this song) To those of you who are just days away from reading break – hang in there! Relax for a moment and also check below for some of my other favourite Tom Lehrer Songs.

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