Nerdy Humour

Since everyone’s probably stressed out due to midterms this week, here are some nerdy and funny videos for your entertainment. Have a break, have a nerdy video!

31 Jokes for Nerds:


Science Jokes:


I will Derive (Parody of I will Survive):


PCR Song:


50 Doctor Jokes:


It seems that most funny and nerdy jokes are sciency… but if anyone knows any other good jokes pertaining to arts, business, engineering, etc., do share!

Ok, now back to studying.


FYI Five: Study Resources, E-mail Help, and the National Anthem

Life is much more mellow after a long weekend, no? Here are some interesting resources/news for your reading pleasure.

  • Kevin from (a US website advocating the importance of higher education) sent me this wonderful article about online resources to help students with their studies. Although these seem to be mostly US-based sites, Canadian students should also find their content useful. If you’re stuck having fun in summer school, also check out my article on summer school study tips.
  • I recently discovered Boomerang, a Firefox/Chrome plugin that allows scheduling emails to be sent out at a later time. I’m going gaga over this plugin because it is so incredibly useful. Most email clients organize emails by the date received from most recent to least recent. That means when most people check their emails as they get to work at 9 am in the morning, they’ll see a email sent at 4 am that morning before something sent at 4 pm the previous day. Boomerang allows one to compose a email at 4 pm and schedule it to be sent at 8:50 am the next morning, ensuring it is at the top of the recipient’s inbox. This is an awesome tool for dealing with profs (i.e. they always see your e-mail first) and even bosses (pretend you’re at work on time early). Of course, there are tons of other uses for this amazing plugin. Edit (July 23, 2011): Alas, it appears that boomerang will have a limit of 10 delayed-sent e-mail per month for free accounts starting soon. I am searching for alternatives (so if you know one, let me know!). 
  • Google recently made some waves with Google+, a social networking service similar but not identical to Facebook (though only time will tell whether it’ll have sticking power). Has anyone taken it for a spin? Does anyone have an invite they could send me…? It’s all in the name of research and product testing of course 😛 Edit (July 23, 2011): I now have Google+. Yay! If you would like an invite, let me know 🙂
  • There are many great programs for Canadians. Here are a list of little known ones. Of particular interest for university students are the NRC Student Employment Program and the Grant for Students with Dependents. Definitely check them out if you’re in need of money for school.
  • Although Canada Day has passed, the entertainment value of “O Canada” from the Rick Mercer’s “Talking to Americans” remain undiminished. Here’s to a good laugh.

Happy Independence Day to our neighbours below the 49th parallel!

FYI: Joy to the World, Calculus Help Is Here!

FYI is a weekly column dedicated to showcasing resources, topics of interest, and humour for students.

Title: Integration (Calculus) Videos “Playlist”
Author: PatrickJMT
Type of Resource: Youtube Videos

This play list covers stuff from second semester calculus. I start with antiderivatives and integration, then go on to applications of integration (areas, volumes), along with inverses (exponentials, logarithms) , polar/parametric curves, some differential equations and lots of sequences and series…


Comments: Sometimes, learning calculus is like getting hit over the head with a baseball bat. It’s hard, it’s dry, and it just plain doesn’t make any sense (especially when your prof seems more interested in the ceiling than teaching you!). Luckily, PatrickJMT, a math instructor/teacher/tutor has a wonderful series of wonderful math videos up on youtube. The link above is for integration and second term first year calculus, but he also has differentiation, multivariable calculus, and even non-calculus videos if you are interested. This is one source I myself have used exhaustively and can definitely vouch for. I remember sitting in my room madly watching the videos right before my midterms/finals and finally understanding what is going on. Whether you need to learn an entire semester’s worth of math or just need to tackle a few tough areas, these videos are definitely great places to start.

FYI: Tom Lehrer – “I Can’t Think Why!”

FYI is a weekly column dedicated to showcasing other resources available for students (and occasionally providing a bit of humour!).

Title: The Professor’s Song
Author: Tom Lehrer
Type of Resource: Youtube Video!

If you give me your attention I will tell you what I am,
I am a brilliant mathematician also something of a ham,
I’ve tried for numerous degrees,
In fact I won a beach,
Of course, that makes me eminently qualified to teach…

Comments: Ever had a professor whom you just can’t understand? Ever wonder how they felt? (Tom Lehrer is a musician and mathematician who writes “geeky” songs about math and science. However, you don’t have to be a science student to appreciate his sentiments in this song) To those of you who are just days away from reading break – hang in there! Relax for a moment and also check below for some of my other favourite Tom Lehrer Songs.

Poisoning Pigeon’s in the Park:


New Math:

FYI: Lady Gaga Parody (Bad Project)

FYI is a weekly column dedicated to showcasing other resources available for students (and occasionally providing a bit of humour!).

Title: Bad Project: Lady Gaga Parody
Author: Hui Zheng lab at Baylor College of Medicine
Type of Resource: Youtube Video!

Comments: Who knew “Lady Gaga” was a grad student? 🙂 Although this video won’t help you with your midterms, it does provides good insight to grad school in a science-related field. How exaggerated is it? Not as exaggerated as you think! Enjoy!

If you have midterms coming up before reading break, good luck!